Find out the truth about allegations of animal cruelty and abuse —Jane Osborn

This came in to the submission address Thursday. More in this topic and this VDT story. -jsq
From: “Jane Osborn”
Date: Thu, 26 May 2011 23:21:09 -0400
Subject: criminal issues

Here is what I just sent to the Sheriff’s office by email:

I wanted to ask if someone who witnessed the alleged abuse of animals at the Lowndes County Animal Shelter has to make a direct report to law enforcement for an investigation to be started or if second-hand information from the media would be good enough. I will include a link to a video of the testimony of a shelter officer at the Lowndes County Commission meeting this week. I am under the impression that animal abuse is a criminal offense and that just having these reports go to the Department of Agriculture will only result in a fine for the shelter, not resolution of possible criminal wrongdoing.

Here is the link:

Please let me know if it is possible for a criminal investigation can be started to find out the truth about allegations of animal cruelty and abuse.

Thank you. Jane Osborn

If the commissioners will not handle this, perhaps law enforcement will. Jane

Jane F. Osborn, MSSW
Valdosta, GA

3 thoughts on “Find out the truth about allegations of animal cruelty and abuse —Jane Osborn

  1. Christine

    Great email Jane! I am hopeful you have a good response from the Sheriff. They can’t just let this go by, it’s serious and it’s inhuman. We’ll be eager to know how they respond.

  2. Susan Leavens Lowndes Co. Animal Control Officer

    Mrs. Osborn,
    Thank you so much for your support. The County manager and several county employees interviewed all the workers after a drug screen was conducted on all employees back in late august of 2010. Several (4) employees advised the people conducting the investigation (Joe Prichard, Mickey Tillman, Page Dukes and Suzanne Pittman) of the charges brought to the Department of Agriculture. From the smothering of cats, to inhumane treatment and lack of vet care, I placed a statement along with another employee and a previous employee. I have nor will I ever discredit Lowndes County’s Animal Shelter. After the meeting we (all shelter employees) were made to sign a memo stating we could not go to any outside agency for help Georgia Dept. Agri., GBI. FBI ect. They keep saying I brought the dog into the shelter it was officer Bozeman, I did not; I was on light duty because I had a shoulder injury. I wished these matters would be looked into in the form of an outside investigation. Thank you so much for your forwarded letter to the Sheriff. I do have open records to support what I have stated along with photo’s; I am disappointed these matters are being swept under the rug… I keep hearing I’m a disgruntle employee… that is untrue I am disgusted that their making cruelty and neglect and inhumane treatment unimportant.
    S. Leavens

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