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Chip Rogers out at GPB

What’s really not sustainable? Promoting the “Agenda 21” talking points as an elected official, even in the most corrupt state in the union (Georgia).

Chip Rogers was top of the heap as the Senate Majority Leader, voting for all sorts of stuff to hold Georgia back, from eorgia Power’s nuke rate hike (CWIP) SB 31 in 2009 to sponsoring putting two constitutional amendments on the state ballot in 2012, including one for charter schools that would siphon off public school money).

Then he was caught promoting showing an “Agenda 21” talking point movie to legislators in the state capitol. He decided Continue reading

Hahira approved for water well loan by state

Parker Wallace wrote for GPB 1 August 2012, Water Program Awards Loans,

The Governor’s water supply program awarded funding to eight water supply projects across the state.

The Georgia Environmental Finance Authority and the Georgia Department of Community affairs announced more than 90 million dollars in loans.

They’re aimed at helping finance water supply infrastructure.

The cities of Hahira and Vienna were approved for loans to construct new water supply wells. Newton, Oconee and Walton counties were all awarded 40 year loans to construct new reservoirs.

A bit more detail in the Montgomery Advertiser 2 August 2012, Funding flows to Georgia reservoir, water projects,

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