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5.a. I believe … our Valdosta citizens can make this decision —Ben Norton @ VCC 25 August 2011

Council Ben Norton, who hardly ever speaks, noted that he was elected at-large and thus represents all of Valdosta, and said:
If this came to us with every legal T dotted and I crossed, as Council … Carroll stated already is to put this referendum on ballot. I encourage our citizens if that is the case … to study carefully both sides of the issue and I believe with all my heart that … our Valdosta citizens can make the decision.
He never did say which side he was on regarding consolidation.

And of course once again it’s just Valdosta citizens voting on an issue that affects the entire county.

And yes, he really did say “T dotted and I crossed” and he had to be prompted for the name of his Council colleague.

Here’s the video: Continue reading