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The Quitman 10 in Quitman: 18 June 2011

Information from George Rhynes:
What: Quitman 10 Support Rally
When: 2 PM Saturday 18 June 2011
Where: Walker Street Auditorium, Quitman, Georgia
Here are more details.

George explains:

Once again, no comments or interviews from the Quitman Ten on the alleged voter fraud charges against them. Moreover, nothing has been published about the Quitman Ten receiving support and recognition from Brooks County Community Leaders, Georgia State Senators, Representatives, President of GABEO, Chairman of the Peoples Agenda, and other Civil and Human Rights Leaders and organizations.
I will note that I took the video in that blog entry for LAKE, and LAKE published it in January, so it’s not quite nothing has been published, but George has a point about newspapers and TV. Here’s the video:

More from George (I’ve added a few LAKE blog links to his links to his blog): Continue reading