The Quitman 10 in Quitman: 18 June 2011

Information from George Rhynes:
What: Quitman 10 Support Rally
When: 2 PM Saturday 18 June 2011
Where: Walker Street Auditorium, Quitman, Georgia
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George explains:

Once again, no comments or interviews from the Quitman Ten on the alleged voter fraud charges against them. Moreover, nothing has been published about the Quitman Ten receiving support and recognition from Brooks County Community Leaders, Georgia State Senators, Representatives, President of GABEO, Chairman of the Peoples Agenda, and other Civil and Human Rights Leaders and organizations.
I will note that I took the video in that blog entry for LAKE, and LAKE published it in January, so it’s not quite nothing has been published, but George has a point about newspapers and TV. Here’s the video:

More from George (I’ve added a few LAKE blog links to his links to his blog):

The South Georgia Media has ignored Georgia State Representative traveling to Brooks County on May 7, 2011, and visited several locations where Quitman Ten Members were arrested. They visited the Brooks County Jail, walked the streets, made speeches, talked with citizens, gave interviews and made plans for a return visit and rally that will be held on June 18, 2011.

However, local news media outlets have said little to nothing about this news worthy events. In addition, there was a big rally held in Macon, Georgia on May 14, 2011 with leaders from around the state standing in support of the Quitman Ten but this too was a whiteout here in South Georgia. It was much like the overwhelming support they received when they visited the State Capitol early in January 2011. These many omissions of events pertaining are beginning to give the appearance that the Quitman Ten case is being tried in the court of public opinion or perhaps to poison the minds of citizens here in South Georgia.

Some relevant links to George’s blog: George continued:
Why has nothing been reported about the June 18, 2011 rally scheduled to be held in Brooks County? It has been reported that leaders from around the State of Georgia and beyond will meet to draw attention to the Quitman Ten Issues and initiate a movement called the “Mississippi Georgia Project.” This effort will seek to draw attention to possible barriers being set up to keep some citizens from the polls and information concerning the redistricting lines will be highlighted.

The Mississippi Georgia Project will also focus on crime, poverty, probation, jail and prison inmate’s inhumane living conditions, jail deaths and other irregularities in our state. This project will address and record ideas, complaints and proposed solutions from actual citizens to finally put a face on poverty, crime, homelessness and alleged voter intimidation in our state including a look at the Quitman Ten Case. Information is being considered from the allegations against the Quitman Ten to serve as a model of what citizens and voters must be prepared to endure throughout the State of Georgia during the upcoming elections.

At the Macon Rally on May 14, it was highlighted that the Quitman Ten worked hard to register voters after consulting with the proper agencies and the historical record will reflect that 78 percent of all Brooks County eligible voters are registered. This means that only 800 eligible voters are unregistered in Brooks County and citizens are now vigorously working to get them registered to empower to become active in the Georgia Electoral Process. Now really view the credentials of the “Quitman Ten Citizens” that your news media may have not betrayed in the best light of what is the truth concerning these highly respected community leaders in Brooks County Georgia.

We must ask ourselves! Who determined NOT to publish the new changes as to who can vote by absentee ballot? Or that some voters prefer absentee ballots because in the case of a recount there is a paper trail? Even though, we live here in South Georgia one does not have to be a rocket scientist to see that the Quitman Ten Members are not being equally served by the South Georgia News Media Outlets.

Moreover, who contacted the Department of Justice, Secretary of States Office, Georgia State Representatives, and others concerning problems with the Brooks County Election Process? How many citizens in Brooks County have been interviewed concerning their many complaints of alleged voter harassment and intimidation by the GBI investigation to the degree that some voters refused to return to the polls to vote? How much news media coverage has been published about the GBI Agent driving a black pick-up truck around in the Black Community and allegedly intimidating citizens? Who published the questions that were asked to Black Voters in Brooks County?

As I walked the streets in Brooks County along with a pastor from Valdosta; we were asked by several Brooks county Voters; how could GBI Investigators know who they had voted for; except they had total access and control of their actual ballots? Why only the Black candidates’ supporters were investigated when there was a spike in absentee ballots on both sides of the political spectrum?

The Quitman Free Press reported that due to a conflict of interest, Assistant Southern District Attorney Brad Shealy is a long time member of the Board of Education and has served for thirty-years as president until he was OUSTED by the current president Nancy Whitefield-Dennard. We must ask; who granted Ms Dennard the authority to oust Attorney Shealy? Before this case is over; things are really going to get good I believe, and why a conflict of interest is now being stated when it has been previously ignored or not even a matter of concern? So has this potato become too hot for human consumption; so it would be better to pass it off for political reasons?

In addition, did Mr. Shealy really serve thirty-years and if not then the editor may need to make a correction to their readers? God bless everybody and he most certainly will!

Retired United States Armed Forces Military Veteran
A concerned citizen and brother of humanity

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