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Videos: More Natco on Val Del Road + 2 more Lowndes County cases @ GLPC 2019-09-30

Longest at 22 minutes was the second Natco subdivision on Val Del Road. At least they’re moving back towards Valdosta, remaining within existing services (which were run out Val Del Road for Nelson Hill).

The Wisenbaker rezoning on Great North Road sailed through even faster, with nobody speaking against. The Hogan heavy manufacturing rezoning at US 41 N and Wellman Place was recommended to be tabled, 7:0, at the request of the applicant, who discovered a variance is needed first.

They also recommended 7:0 approval by the various elected bodies a Joint Ordinance, which is apparently about the operations of GLPC itself. What’s in it is mysterious. Why they can’t put it on the county or city website is even more mysterious.

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More Natco on Val Del Road + 2 more Lowndes County cases @ GLPC 2019-09-30

Look who’s back after last month’s rezoning on Val Del Road, which was heard by the Planning Commission and approved by the Lowndes County Commission: Natco, with another rezoning for twice as many acres, also on Val Del Road, just south of that previous rezoning.

[56 acres for sale just to the south]
56 acres for sale just to the south

Also a Joint Ordinance, which one can guess is the one Lowndes County Chairman talked to the Planning Commissioner about after adjournment last month, which one can guess is the SPLOST VIII agreement.

Why do we have to guess what our elected and appointed boards are up to? Would it be so hard to include a few words on that agenda item to say which Joint Ordinance? For that matter, would it be so hard to publish the GLPC board packet along with the agenda, like many counties much smaller than Lowndes have already been doing for years?

Here is the agenda:

Greater Lowndes Planning Commission
~ Lowndes County ~ City of Valdosta ~ City of Dasher ~ City of Hahira ~ City of Lake Park ~ City of Remerton ~

Monday, September 30, 2019 5:30 P.M.
Public Hearing, Lowndes County South Health District Administrative Office
325 West Savannah Avenue, Valdosta, Georgia

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