ICLEI and sustainability

Have you heard there’s a U.N. agency going around getting local governments to sign “Agenda 21” into ordinances that will take away your private property through eminent domain? If not, you’ve avoided the propaganda put out by fossil fuel companies to subvert sustainability. If you have, here’s why it’s bunk.

There is an organization that promotes measures for sustainability to local governments. Sustainability as in arranging for local resources to be available for us and our children and grandchildren. Clean air, clean water, forests, education, and private property rights including not letting developers or big corporations damage your private property. Are you against any of those things?

An organization promoting sustainability with local governments is called ICLEI–Local Governments for Sustainability. ICLEI says it is:

the leading global network devoted to local governments engaged in sustainability, climate protection, and clean energy initiatives. The organization was formerly known as the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives.

ICLEI has heard about the conspiracy theories and has written up a rebuttal. There’s no point in quoting it here, because people who believe the propaganda won’t believe it anyway. I would go dig up some independent third-party evidence, but wait!

I already have dug up enough evidence about the fossil fuel company funding of the “Agenda 21” talking points propaganda. Those companies have the motive: strip mining, pollution, and gouging pipelines to the sea to export LNG are not sustainable, so sustainability cuts into their profits. They have the money, which they got from those profits from strip mining and pollution. And the evidence says they’re behind those anti-sustainability talking points.

Given that I’ve never seen anyone who repeats those talking points ever actually provide any evidence for any part of the propaganda being true, that’s enough for now.

Here’s the rest of the articles I’ve written about the “Agenda 21” paranoia.

Now I’m getting back to working for sustainable clean air and water.


3 thoughts on “ICLEI and sustainability

  1. Barbara Stratton

    I don’t get into discussions with liberal/progressives about UN Agenda 21 because it is a waste of time. However, since LAKE is declared non-partisan which means other interests do read these entries, I would like to request that anyone who reads the pro UN Agenda 21 sites does balanced research on the anti-UN Agenda sites. Any search engine will take you to scores of sites for both opinions. The posted descriptions of both UN Agenda 21 and ICLEI are very one sided so everyone needs to do due diligence to research with an open mind. ICLEI has been recognized in many communities as a negative influence peddling sustainability and insisting that anyone who does not follow their agenda is against sustainability. ICLEI has been outlawed by many municipalities. Hopefully Valdosta/Lowndes County will both join in the coalition to prevent ICLEI in our local governments. We already have enough outside influence. As for the Conspiracy Theory accusations they are merely opinion. Many informed citizens consider the whole Global Warming issue to be Conspiracy Theory, so who gets to decide which opinion is conspiracy? Balanced research should be promoted for all subjects.

  2. Barbara Stratton

    I provide no evidence for or against. However, I did ask readers to do their own balanced research by using the many search engines that are still at our fingertips although not for long. Considering the fact section 1078 of the 2013 NDAA changed the US laws to state the federal government may now publish propaganda at their discretion I personally don’t see much value in citing particular sources. Citizens have a responsibility to research and study on their own so that they can try to figure out what is fact and what is now legalized propaganda, not to mention all the already skewed liberal media sources. I predict the day when all citizens will wish they had learned the simple art of searching the internet to arm themselves against media bias and propaganda instead of trading recipes, endless text messages, pictures, games and other mindless endeavors.

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