Packet: Walkers Crossing @ LCC 2022-08-08

The Walkers Crossing Roundabout got pictured in the board packet for the August 8 and 9, 2022, Lowndes County Commission meetings. That’s at the corner of GA 122 and GA 125 (Bemiss Road), where Lowndes, Berrien, and Lanier Counties meet.

[Walkers Crossing Preliminary Design and Construction Detail]
Walkers Crossing Preliminary Design and Construction Detail

Looks like the businesses will lose less parking lot space than might have been expected, apparently because the roundabout is shifted southwest onto Billy Walker Jr.’s land. It will be interesting to see big trucks negotiating that small circle.

[Map: Preliminary Design (rotated)]
Map: Preliminary Design (rotated)

Not only should the roundabout be safer than the current stop signs, but the county actually plans to plant trees and bushes.

[Construction Detail: Tree, vine, and shrub planting (rotated)]
Construction Detail: Tree, vine, and shrub planting (rotated)

Hey, maybe they could do that elsewhere on road right of ways!


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