Agenda, Deep South Regional Municipal Solid Waste Management Authority 2017-04-19

Grants to participating local governments are mostly what’s on the agenda for next Wednesday for the Deep South Solid Waste Management Authority, sent today by Julia Shewchuck of SGRC (PDF).

DSSWA-Agenda--04192017-0001 On the telephone yesterday she clarified that the grants from this Authority mentioned in the Lowndes County Commission Goals meetinng are exclusively available to the seven local governments participating in this Authority. They are: Berrien County, Lanier County, Lowndes County, City of Nashville, City of Lakeland, City of Valdosta, and Echols County CG. She also noted that Echols County was one of the original participants in the authority, even though it had dropped off for a while, and had been added back in a recent year (2014).


Meeting of the Board of Directors
Deep South Regional Municipal Solid Waste Management Authority
April 19, 2017
6:00 PM
Southern Georgia Regional Commission
Valdosta, Georgia

  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. Minutes of January 18, 2017 Meeting
    • Draft attached for Review and Motion
  3. Financial Reports
    • Review and Motion
  4. Approval of Royalty Disbursement for the period July 2016 to December 2016
  5. Local Government Grant Program – Magic of Recycling Grant 2014 & 2015 Re-Authorization
  6. Local Government Grant Program — City of Valdosta Litter Control
  7. Local Government Grant Program — Lanier County Passenger Van Purchase
  8. Other Business
  9. Adjourn

Next regular scheduled meeting will be on July 19, 2017, at 6 p.m.

Phone: (229) 333-5277
327 West Savannah Avenue
Valdosta, Georgia 31601

Fax: (229) 333-5312


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