Got one Lowndes County ordinance (nuisance abatement) after five years asking @ LCC 2015-08-10

Back in 2011 the County Clerk didn’t say which May she would provide that list of ordinances…. 300x388 Attest: Inez M. Pendleton, in Noise Abatement Ordinance, by John S. Quarterman, 11 August 2015 Her response of today is below. The old ordinance is so old it’s signed by Inez Pendleton. It’s still in force, though, so shouldn’t it be on the county’s website, along with all the other ordinances in force that also aren’t there? See below for list; also notice the dates I’ve boldfaced. The proposed new ordinance is not readily translatable to plain text; looks like she scanned a paper copy. Both are relevant to today’s Lowndes County Commission meeting. For the minutes she mentioned, see separate post.


From: Paige Dukes <>
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2015 15:42:29 +0000
To: John and Gretchen Quarterman <>
Subject: RE: Open Records Request for Ordinances

Good Afternoon Gretchen,

As per your request, please find the attached 1992 ordinance and the proposed new ordinance regarding nuisance abatement which includes an executive summary. The proposed ordinance is a total rewrite that will take the place of the 1992 ordinance. If approved, it will nullify the 1992 ordinance. This is also the case with quite a few of the ordinances you have listed below. Staff is in the process of reconciling this list for you. The minutes you requested will be forwarded today in a separate email.

Thank you,


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On Tue, Apr 19, 2011 at 12:43:37PM -0400, Paige Dukes wrote:

> Good Afternoon Gretchen,

> We will begin researching the list you have provided below and I plan to have it complete prior to the end of May. It is going to take some time to verify that there are no updates to your list. I do not have electronic copies of the minutes from 2000-2002, I hope to have them all online with the completion of the recodification project. Again, it takes some time to pull and scan everything along with our normal workload.

> I’ll check on the 2006 minutes you referenced as well. The comp plan is not an ordinance; it is a guideline that is required by the Department of Community Affairs.

> Please let me know if you have any additional questions, I’ll keep you posted regarding our progress. Hopefully, we will be finished prior to the end of May, I just don’t want to have to move a deadline out on you.

> Have a great afternoon,

> Paige

Just checking to see when any of these ordinances and minutes might be available.

Also, now that I know that there is a Nuisance Abatement ordinance from 1992, I’m interested in that and the proposed revision.

I re-submitted my formal request for the names of all the ordinances in effect in Lowndes County and/or their complete text this morning.

Regarding minutes on the web site, the ones I mentioned are still not available.

Again, thank you for answering my question about the Comprehensive Plan.

Thank you,

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> From: John and Gretchen Quarterman []
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> To: Paige Dukes
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> Subject: Open Records Request for Ordinances

> Paige,

> Here is a list ordinances that I found in County Commission Agendas in the book that you lent me. Thank you for that.

> I think looked on-line in the minutes on the web site. The minutes for 2000- September 2002 are not on the site.

> As we discussed, I know that some of these probably were incorporated into the ULDC. I didn’t want to guess which ones.

> 4/3/2000 telecommunications and tower ordinance
> – now part of uldc?
> 4/3/2000 utilities regarding final bills
> 6/21/2000 sign ordinance – now part of uldc?
> 12/6/2000 permitting encroachment on county roads
> 2/7/2001 01-1001 water and sewer code re: leak adjustments
> 2/7/2001 01-1002 delete final payment requirement of county code – section 7-1(b)
> 2/7/2001 01-1003 soil erosion control ordinance
> 3/12/2002 water and sewer code amendment
> alcohol and beverage code amendment
> 4/9/2002 02-1072 enforcement of GA minimum construction codes
> 4/9/2002 02-1073 enforcement of state minimum standard codes
> 6/10/2002 02-1027 youth sports guidelines
> water rate increase
> 6/24/2002 02-1073-A enforcement of state minimum standard code
> 02-1088 junk motorvehicles registered
> 10/22/2002 02-1091 revision to speed control ordinance
> 4/23/2003 03-1143 weed control ordinance
> 03-1144 swimming pool ordinance
> 5/272003 03-1143/4 swimming pool and weed ordinance amendment
> 7/28/2003 03-1157-61 amendments to utilities ordinance
> 10/28/2003 revisions to subdivision regulations
> 3/8/2004 04-1211 joint ordinance to revise GLPC
> 5/11/2004 04-1232 Lowndes County Soil, Erosion and Sediment ordinance
> 6/21/2004 Intergovernmenal agreement for provision of Zoning Admin Services
> 10/11/2004 Emergency Ordinances
> 04-1263 Authorize the Imposition of Curfews
> 04-1264 Authorize Suspension of Portions of the Code of Ordinances
> 04-1265 Prohibit Overcharging for Goods, Material and Services
> 04-1266 Require Registration of Building and Repair Services
> 1/10/2005 05-1284 revision of speed zone ordinance
> 6/13/2005 05-1316 amend utilities ordinance
> 05-1317 private utility extention amendment
> 6/27/2005 05-1317 private utility extension update
> 7/26/2005 05-1135 burn ordinance
> 05-1318 amend drainage culvert ordinance
> 12/13/2005 05-1357 amend alcoholic beverage ordinance
> 1/10/2006 05-1158 predisaster mitigation plan
> 2/28/2006 06-1376 animal ordinance
> 4/26/2006 06-1389 establish itinerant vendor license
> 5/9/2006 06-1395 Illicit Discharge and Illegal Connection
> 5/9/2006 06-1393 LO-2006-25 To Adopt the Unified Land Development Code
> 5/23/2006 06-1375 Ordinance Amendment to the Fee Schedule for Animal Services,
> Appendix A
> 5/23/2006 06-1375 New Animal Ordinance for Adoption
> 5/23/2006 06-1389 Door-to-Door Vendor License
> 7/11/2006 06-1389 Door to Door Vendor License
> 7/11/2006 06-1402 Ordinance for Application to Disturb a Burial Ground
> 6/12/2007 Speed Zone Ordinance
> 6/12/2007 Timber Ordinance
> 11/27/2007 Animal Welfare Amendment – Fees
> 6/10/2008 Solid Waste Ordinance
> 8/26/2008 Civic Center Alcohol Policy
> 9/8/2008 Motorized Vehicle Ordinance
> 9/23/2008 Adopting Environmental Health Rules And Regulations
> Of The Lowndes County Board Of Health As An Ordinance
> Of The Board Of Commissioners Of Lowndes County,
> Providing For The Prosecution Of Violations Before
> The Magistrate Court Of Lowndes County,
> And For Other Purposes.
> 3/23/2009 “Red Flag” Identity Theft Ordinance
> 5/26/2009 Utility Collection Ordinance
> 6/23/2009 Resolution Regarding Adult Entertainment Ordinance
> 7/14/2009 Solid Waste Management Plan Ordinance and Anti-Littering Ordinance
> 11/10/2009 Off-Premises Sales of Alcoholic Beverages
> 7/27/2010 Ordinance Adopting a Schedule of Building Permit & Inspection,
> Building Moving, and Demolition Fees
> 7/27/2010 Judicial and Administrative Complex Office Personalization Policy
> 11/9/2010 Amendment to 2007 Greater Lowndes Solid Waste Management Plan;
> Verification of Consistency,
> 1/10/2011 Speed Zone Ordinance

> Minutes for 8.8.2006 meeting are not on the web site. There is an agenda.
> Minutes for 12.11.2006 meeting are not on the web site. There is an agenda.
> Minutes for 12.20.2006 special meeting are not on the web site. There is an agenda.

> Is the 2030 Comprehensive Plan an ordinance?

> Thanks,
> Gretchen