VSU’s S.A.V.E. protests Sabal Trail pipeline and for fossil fuel divestment

Stop the Sabal Trail pipeline to help fossil fuel divestment. WALB got the connection at VSU Thursday 11 February 2015.

Colter Anstaett, WALB, 12 February 2015, Lowndes environmental groups march through VSU,

“We’re using so much at a rate that, within our generation or our lifetime, there’s gonna be catastrophic changes that won’t be reversed,” SAVE President Adrianna Taylor….

Taylor also said she believed that if the university ultimately did divest from fossil fuels, it would show that VSU students have the ability to critically think at the same level as students at Stanford, Harvard, and Yale and it would show that the South is not as backwards as it is often portrayed to be.

And the pipeline:

The marchers also expressed their disapproval of the proposed Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline, which could potentially come through part of Lowndes County.

“The pipeline would impact humans as well as animals, water sources, etc. We do want that to stop,” Lili Bartoletti stated. “It’s time for us to wake up so that our other generations can smell the roses.”

The protest was also covered by WCTV; see VSU S.A.V.E. protest for fossil fuel divestiture and against Sabal Trail pipeline.