Nichols House frat no longer; maybe historic preservation @ VCC 2014-09-11

LAKE has video, but meanwhile, so you can prepare for the Oct. 1st talk about that historic Nichols House, here’s some background.

Chip Harp wrote for Valdosta Today 17 September 2014,

In last week’s Valdosta City Council meeting, Council voted 5-2 in favor of re-zoning nearly 4 acres of land in the Alden Park Community, near the campus. Some neighbors in the community stand firmly against the development, which would include a 180-bed student housing complex, and say it takes away from their neighborhood, based on a report from WCTV’s Winnie Wright.

Winnie Wright reported for WCTV 16 September 2014, The Historic Standing Of One Home Could Determine Future Of Surrounding Community,

Preservation may provide residents the block they seek. The Valdosta Historic Preservation Commission claims one house, the so-called Nicols House, could determine the future of the entire neighborhood. The house was most recently home to the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity as a tenant.

“Because an application has been filed for that historic designation, there’s interim protection, currently in place for the Nicols house”, says Emily Foster, City of Valdosta Historic Preservation Planner. That application will at least delay further action by the developers.

Why is a former fraternity house so special? According to the Preservation Commission the architectural style is important. Is it? That is always the question in the Progress versus Preservation debate.

Here’s the timeline. On October 6th, The Preservation Commission will make a recommendation to The City as to their opinion of the significance of the structure. Then, on October 23rd, Valdosta City Council will vote on the home’s historic status. If deemed Historic, the commission will have to give permission, to move the home, demolish it, or re-purpose the house.

Chip Harp added:

According to reports, the Attorney for the Alden Park Home Owners Association has filed an Ante Litem Notice with The City of Valdosta because of the rezoning request.