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Maybe that SPLOST money will build that force main and stop this. Meanwhile, they don’t call it Sugar Creek for nothing. And Twomile Branch flows into Sugar Creek, which flows into the Withlacoochee River, which flows into the Suwannee River through Florida into the Gulf of Mexico. Today we’ll probably see stories from Florida about river water warnings.

Winnie Wright wrote for WCTV 18 March 2014, National Flood Preparedness Week Comes to Valdosta, Along With The Rain,

It’s pretty ironic that National Flood Preparedness Week has come right alongside 5 inches of rain in South Georgia, but for residents of Valdosta who remember the flood of 2009, that much rain can be a real problem if you don’t have flood insurance.

“Many people don’t realize that flood is not covered in their homeowners policy. It’s important to know what is and isn’t covered in your homeowners policy”, says Christi Marsh, a State Farm Agent based in Valdosta.

Winnie Wright reports homeowner Carrie Eager found flood insurance preferable to evacuating by boat like before.

City of Valdosta PR 18 March 2014, City Reports Manhole Overflows,

The Valdosta area received almost five inches of rain over the past 48 hours, resulting in completely saturated soils and causing abnormally high ground water tables. The city’s wastewater treatment plants remained in compliance and effectively processed the excess flows at the facilities. However, ongoing inflow and infiltration of stormwater into the wastewater collection system due to the saturated soils and high ground water table caused manhole overflows in several areas of the city, on March 17.

Below are the estimates calculated for major spills resulting from manhole overflows in the city, effective March 18, at 11 a.m. These major spills entered the waters of the state and have been reported to the Environmental Protection Division:

  • Two manholes in the 2400 block of Meadowbrook Drive overflowed into Sugar Creek. One overflow is estimated at 103,500 gallons, and the other is estimated at 69,000 gallons. Current status: still overflowing.
  • Two manholes in the 2400 block of Meadowbrook Drive overflowed into Two mile Branch. The estimated volume from these two manholes is 3,000 gallons. Current status: stopped.

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  • A manhole in the 600 block of Scott Drive overflowed, and the estimate of the overflow in Sugar Creek is 138,000 gallons. Current status: still overflowing.
  • A residential cleanout overflowed in the 2500 block of Berkley Drive. Wastewater entered the stormwater collection system and discharged an estimated 3,000 gallons into Two Mile Branch. Current status: stopped.
  • Wastewater from a manhole overflow on Lake Drive entered Two Mile Branch. The estimated volume is 207,000 gallons. Current status: still overflowing.
  • Two manholes overflowed in the area between Remer Lane and Rouse Road. Wastewater from these manholes entered One Mile Branch and is estimated at 414,000 gallons. Current status: still overflowing.
  • A manhole on the west side of Bemiss Road in the vicinity of Skipper Bridge Road overflowed, and wastewater entered Cherry Creek near Skipper Bridge Road. The estimated volume is 27,000 gallons. Current status: stopped.
  • A manhole at the intersection of Mystic Street and Cypress Street overflowed. Wastewater entered the separate storm sewer system (MS4), which is a tributary to Knights Creek. The estimated volume is 69,000 gallons. Current status: still overflowing.

Upstream and downstream sampling has begun in the above locations to collect and document bacteria levels in the various impacted waterways. Public notice signs have been posted downstream from all spill locations, and the public is advised to avoid any contact with these areas.

In January, the city began smoke testing of the entire wastewater system, a process that will take place in sections of the city over the next four years. The process is helping the city identify and eliminate sources of stormwater inflow and infiltration that occurs during heavy rain events and that causes increased flows and possible wastewater surcharges in the system.

For more information, contact Environmental Manager John Waite at (229) 259-3592 or at


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