Broadband, outsourcing, trash, and fire @ LCC 2014-02-28

The second day of the Commission retreat is finished. Reporting from location, Gretchen noted:

1PM: BroadBand

Chairman Bill Slaughter has a five year goal of making broadband available. Some possibility of creating a fibre ring. He says he’s working with the City of Valdosta.

Well, a year ago in February he said broadband was “one of the number one issues”, but in October he said “we have broadband”, so it’s anyone’s guess what his opinion will be in a few months.

1:06PM: Outsourcing

Commissioner Crawford Powell wants to outsource more county services.

That’s working so well, after all; see the next note.

1:19PM: Trash evaluation

Commissioner Demarcus Marshall wants an evaluation of the current exclusive franchise agreement for trash collection, and accountability. Apparently ADS is not providing an annual report nor a recycling rebate.

In that agreement, 12. Reporting.

Franchisee shall submit a written report on a yearly basis to the County no later than fifteenth (15th) day of February immediately following the end of each calendar year (whether or not such franchise is renewed) covering such claendar year and reporting the information required by and in accordance with the Solid Waste Ordinance.

See also 4. Rebate of Recyclable Materials Income, which includes a requirement for a written statement to the county of sale of recyclable materials, including “in reasonable detail” the calculation of the amount being rebated to the county.

And let’s not forget Section 18 is the termination clause.

2:10PM: Fire

Much talk about expanding the fire department.

Videos will follow.


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