7.b. Lovell Eng. letter to EPD for Lowndes County @ LCC 2013-07-23

in the 22 July 2013 Work Session Here is the letter discussed (“So at this point, in order to comply with the deadline submitted by EPD, it was necessary to go ahead and work with Lovell on this.”) and approved (“The water is good, right?”) at the 23 July Regular Session of the Lowndes County Commission, obtained through an Open Records Request by April Huntley, plus a transcription. You may wonder, as I do, why the county didn’t just put it online along with the agenda, like so many other county commissions and city councils do.

Letter, Lovell Eng. to GA EPD, for Lowndes County

Transcription, mostly by Tesseract OCR, which even got the misspelling of Joe Pritchard’s name right. You may be wondering, as I am, why the county doesn’t put such letters on the web with the agenda, and as a parseable PDF instead of as a scanned image. I think we all know Jeffry S. Lovell did not compose that letter on a typewriter; it’s already in electronic format somewhere.

Lovell Engineering Associates, PC

July 24, 2013

Dominique Johnson
Environmental Specialist lll
GA EPD Drinking Water Program
Watershed Protection Branch
2 Martin Luther King Dr. S.E.
Suite 1352 East
Atlanta, GA 30334

This correspondence serves as notification that Lowndes County has completed evaluation oftreatment alternatives for reducing TTHM/HAASs at the Alapaha Water System. Based on removal efficiency, current operational experience, and input from two public stakeholder meetings, the County has narrowed down the treatment solution to either a resin treatment technology or a chemical treatment approach.

The County began an eight (8) month treatment study beginning the week of July 15, 2013. The purpose for the extended pilot study is to confirm that the treatment process chosen will adequately treat seasonal variations in raw water quality at the site. Full-scale installation of the chosen technology, process control equipment, and other ancillary improvements will be completed by the end of March 2015.

Thank you for your continued assistance in this matter. Please contact Mike Allen (Lowndes County Utilities Director) or myself should you have questions or require additional information.



Jeffry S. Lovell, PE
Lovell Engineering Associates, PC

CC: Joe Prichard— Lowndes County Manager
Mike Allen— Lowndes County Utilities Director
3998 inner Perimeter Road, Suite C, P. O. Box 2830, Valdosta, GA 31604, Telephone: 229.253.0900, Fax: 229.253.i842, Email: lea@lea~pt.com