The wind from the Cattenom nuke in France blows into Germany

From France to Berlin is as close as 32 nuclear reactors to here. Here’s a scenario for “Core meltdown accident in the nuclear power plant Cattenom (France) contamination of leafy vegetables by radioactive iodine with wind from the southwest”:

I was in Germany shortly after Chernobyl, when all the cows were inside so they would not eat the radioactive grass, and all the salads were frozen.

Here’s a scenario for radioactive iodine in mother’s milk, with a similar map:

Radioactive wind from Cattenom in France to Germany

From Cattenom to Berlin is about 500 miles. There are 32 nuclear reactors within 500 miles of here. Five of them (including Hatch 1 and 2, only 100 miles from here) are GE Mark I reactors, the same type as Fukushima.