Duke Energy is closing Crystal River nuclear reactor

Finally! The reactor only 160 miles from here that nobody wanted to pay to fix is closing for good: Duke is closing Crystal River. After Kewaunee and Crystal River closing, which one is next? San Onofre? The never-opened Vogtle 3 and 4?

Ivan Penn wrote for Tampa Bay Times today, Duke Energy announces closing of Crystal River nuclear power plant,

Duke Energy announced early Tuesday it will permanently close the Crystal River nuclear plant that has been shut down since late 2009.

The company said it is reviewing alternatives, including building a new natural gas plant, to replace the power produced by the nuclear facility.

Duke's four coal-fired plants will remain in service at the same Citrus County complex where the nuclear plant, known as CR3, is located.

How about they build offshore wind farms and solar farms instead, like TEPCO is doing near Fukushima? Those can be built on time and on budget, use no fuel, and cause no pollution. And how about rooftop solar for jobs and energy independence?

There's more in the article, including this:

The decision to retire CR3, means it will become the first nuclear plant to close in Florida and the entire southeast United States.

The first, but probably not the last. Next should be the two not even built yet: Southern Company's boondoggle at Vogtle 3 and Vogtle 4 that Georgia Power has been charging customers for for years. Followed by Hatch 1 and Hatch 2, then Vogtle 1 and Vogtle 2.

Crystal River shutting down may also spell the permanent end of San Onofre 2 and 3 in California, and maybe even Diablo Canyon 1 and 2. Following on Dominion Power closing Kewaunee, Crystal River closing certifies what Forbes already speculated: nuclear is a bad investment.

PS: Michael Noll saw this article first.