Videos Meet the Candidates (Part 1 of 2) @ VLCoC 2012-10-02

Update 10:15 AM 5 October 2012: Ignore this version and go directly to the complete version.

Here is the first set of LAKE videos from the Meet the Candidates event at VSU Monday.


Ron Borders, Introduction

Solicitor General:

Justin Cabral (R) Incumbent
and Jason Cain (D)


Chris Prine (D) Incumbent
and J.D. Yeager (R)

County Commission Chair (no incumbent):

Bill Slaughter (R)
and Gretchen Quarterman (D)

County Commission Super District 4 (no incumbent):

John Gates (R)
and Demarcus Marshall (D)


Here’s a video playlist.


Stay tuned for State Senate, District 8 and State Representatives, Districts 174, 175, and 177, plus the referendum on SPLOST VII.


We know the camera was shaky. If someone else has better videos posted on the web, we’d be most happy to refer to them.

This post and its companion are simple presentations of the videos without transcription or commentary. We may come back later with either or both of those.



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  1. Toma Hawk

    Here is high quality video of the event if you are interested. I apologize for the last 60 secs or so, because the battery actually went dead, but all of the candidates are on high quality:

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