Valdosta Mayor Refuses to Endorse LGBT Pride Festival

Proclaim your festival? Not if the mayor disagrees with it. Apparently he will inadvertently give you free TV coverage, though.

Greg Gullberg reported for WCTV yesterday, Valdosta Mayor Refuses to Endorse LGBT Pride Festival,

Raynae Williams, Assistant Executive Director of South Georgia Pride One of the top members of “South Georgia Pride” called Eyewitness News reporter Greg Gullberg shortly after leaving the mayor’s office Wednesday morning. She had requested a proclamation for their upcoming festival. But as she says in this Exclusive Interview, the mayor denied their request.

“It made me feel like I did not matter to the City of Valdosta. That I was not a part of anything,” said Raynae Williams, Assistant Executive Director of South Georgia Pride.

They are planning their annual Festival this September. She wanted a mayoral proclamation to recognize the event.

“Our organization is working to educate people on tolerance and against bullying and hate crimes,” Williams said.

John Gayle, Mayor of ValdostaBut Valdosta Mayor John Gayle stands against homosexuality.

“I just don’t approve of that life style. It goes against what I believe in and if I sign that proclamation then I’m endorsing that. And I can’t do that,” said Mayor Gayle.

There’s more in the report, including this:

“I was kind of shocked when I asked how many proclamations have been denied. We are the only one,” said Williams.

And this:

Below is the link to a petition. Their goal is to reach 100 signatures.

Maybe we should ask him to proclaim a No T-SPLOST day….


1 thought on “Valdosta Mayor Refuses to Endorse LGBT Pride Festival

  1. Fannie Jackson

    Mr. Quarterman there is a reason why politics and political views should be separated from church and state. For example; I agree with Mr. Gayle’s PERSONAL beliefs. However, Mr. Gayle and ALL elected officials are entrusted to represent ALL the people. Take for example Ken Collins, my Brooks County Board of Elections supervisor. Now I do not know, but I believe that he and I share somewhat of the same faith,i.e. the Church of Christ. The MAJORITY of Black CofC’s that I grew up with preached AGAINST CHRISTIANS holding political office. Perhaps that has changed with the Progressive times. About Ken Collins, I am researching the duties and responsibilities of our Board of Elections. Is it a part of his job responsibilities to collude with a non-profit organization to file and try to PREVENT the RE-ELECTION of an incumbent COMMISSIONER? So ironic that this Commissioner was one of his most ardent supporters! What is that saying..Politics and..something..STRANGE BEDFELLOWS.

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