Ashley Paulk opposes T-SPLOST

In his Tuesday T-SPLOST story WCTV reporter Greg Gullberg noted that current Lowndes County Chairman Ashley Paulk said "the Commission is not taking a stance." Indeed, but Ashley Paulk himself took a stance against T-SPLOST as far back as April 2011, when he said:

I think what disturbs me, is when you've got to put something in the law that's a stick, carrot and stick, you don't do what I've said you're going to get punished….

Right now if I had to vote for it I could not find the interest to get out there.

He also said:

Right now, I do not have a good or warm fuzzy feeling about this. That could change.

He said he'd tell us if it changed. Last time I checked with him, his position had not changed.