Repealing the 1928 GA School Consolidation Law

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From: JC Cunningham
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2011 09:01:26 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Fw: The Repeal of Ga. Law on School Consolidation
To: [many people]


Even though we the Citizens of Valdosta have spoken and defeated that hostile takeover, this is not the time to let up. We all must stay a vigilant as possible and never let anything like this happen again.

One way in which everyone in Valdosta and Lowndes can make a impact is to write a letter to Amy Carter, Admin. Floor Leader to the Governor, and ask for her to introduce a bill to repeal the old 1928 law that Cuee was able to use.

Remind Amy that she has an obligation to bring this bill to the floor. Remind her that the people

Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party Members, Blacks, Whites, Rich and the Poor, from Lowndes and Valdosta came out and voiced their displeasure and concern with the way that the old law was used to divide a community. Tell the whole community wants a say so in the matters of School Consolidation, not just the City.

Remind her that she is up for re-election next year and we won’t forget her if she fails to listen to the will of the people.

Thanks, and I hope to see you all at the MLK Monument at 5:30 today.

JC Cunningham

Please forward your letters to:

Amy A. Carter
State Representative District 175
Administration Floor Leader
PO Box 4930
Valdosta, GA 31604-4930
(229) 245-2733

I also attached some information of how legislation in introduced in the Ga. General Assembly

Repealing that 1928 law will leave the provisions in the later Georgia Constitution as the way to consolidate school districts, and the GA Constitution requires citizens in all affected school districts to have a chance to vote. That would prevent any further attempts at taxation without representation.


2 thoughts on “Repealing the 1928 GA School Consolidation Law

  1. Karen Noll

    While I live in the city as was able to vote on the consolidation issue, I feel that only a vote where both city and county residents would be democratic. Only a vote where both interested parties could take part would reveal the will of the people and be admissible. Although I opposed the effort to consolidate that was recently defeated, I feel strongly that a true vote of both city and county residence is necessary if consolidation should reach the ballot anytime in the future. For this reason it is paramount that the old law that allowed the city only vote be stricken to allow the georgia constitution to prevail. The GA constitution allows for both city and county to vote and a majority in both in order to pass.
    Please contact your legislator to support repealing the 1928 law from the GA law books.
    Thank you ALL for your commitment to community,
    Karen Noll

  2. Barbara Stratton

    The 1926 statute that needs to be removed is OCGA 20-2-370. The 1983 constitutional law had priority of law precedence over the older statute & CUEE was advised before they asked for signatures it could be protested on those grounds before or after the vote. Thankfully we did not have to go that route. I remember in high school I did a project on outdated laws still in the GA Constitution including mandatory hanging for horse theft (which I liked). There was also a law if you hit & killed a cow or pig on the road you were required to get out & slit the throat so the owner could salvage the meat & many others that were outdated & no longer enforced. I trust these have now been removed. The general assembly should be thankful that we are addressing this 57 year overdue need for house cleaning & remedy this in January. Rule of Law should never remain questionable when it is the duty of our lawmakers to provide clarity.

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