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Put your money where your mouth is —Sam Allen

Sam Allen addressed a rally outside Valdosta City Hall Wednesday after Tuesday’s landslide 4 to 1 defeat of school consolidation. He promised the people who backed the consolidation referendum that there would be consequences if they ever tried it again without the cooperation of the community. He observed that since there was apparently a lot of disposable income around here (see the $300,000 CUEE raised to promote consolidation). He recommended that people put such money where their mouth is and contribute to the Lowndes County or Valdosta City school foundations. He concluded by complimenting CUEE on bringing CUEE together.
What you have been able to achieve, is that you have indeed brought a community together.
A community, black, white, Republicans, Democrats, no god, some god. You brought them all to the table. Not only did you bring them to the table, but you brought them to the polls.
Finally, he thanked all the volunteers who helped, and said Continue reading