Which side are they on? The deleted CUEE Referendum Supporters

The people who were on that list of referendum supporters that CUEE deleted from its website:

Referendum Supporters

Mrs. Julia Ariall
John and Helen Bennett
Mr. James Bridges
The Honorable Tim [Golden? Carroll?]
Mr. Kevin Conrad
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Cordova
Mr. Ed Crane
Mr. Curtis Fowler
Mr. Jeff Hanson
Mr. Lee Henderson
Mr. Ryan Holmes
Mr. Jerry Jennett
Mr. Joe Johnson
Greg and Nancy Justice
Mr. Matthew Lawrence
Mr. Richard Lee
Mr. James McGahee
Mr. Dutton Miller
Mr. John Peeples
Mrs. Jennifer Powell
Mr. Donald (Butch) Williams
  • Were they put there without their permission?
  • Or did they change their minds?
Here’s the list. Let’s hear from them. Do they still support CUEE’s completely disproven bad case for a bad “unification” referendum exercise in disaster capitalism that would greatly damage the public schools, and that has already cost the community huge amounts of time and effort? Did they ever? But more importantly, do they now?

Time to stand up and be counted. There are two sides to this issue. There’s the truth, and there’s a lie.

Which side are you on?

They say they have to guard us to educate their child.
Their children live in luxury, our children almost wild.
Which side are you on, which side are you on?
Florence Reese
And what about the Chamber board, which apparently is no longer unanimous?

How about Chamber members? Those signs out front of the Chamber: do they represent you?

Which side are you on?