T-SPLOST Southern Region Cost Changes

Update 6:30 PM 26 September 2011: Please see the corrected version received from Corey Hull today. -jsq

Received yesterday from Corey Hull, with this cover sheet message, responding to my request in the T-SPLOST public meeting Monday.


In the attached spreadsheet you will find the each project associated with four columns: the original estimate, the updated estimate, the TIA funding (any difference from the TIA and updated cost estimate is a secondary funding source i.e. federal, state, or local), and whether that project is currently included in the constrained list.

GDOT provided the updated costs estimates (based on current GDOT bids) and in some cases those estimates were further revised by GDOT and the local governments where appropriate. All project scopes remained the same with the exception of RC11-000049 and RC11-000042 (highlighted in yellow), these project termini were changed significantly.

I hope this answers your questions, let me know if you have any more.


Corey Hull, AICP
MPO Coordinator
Valdosta-Lowndes MPO
327 W. Savannah Ave.
Valdosta, GA 31601
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229.300.0922 (c)
229.333.5312 (f)

The spreadsheet he sent is on the LAKE website in Excel spreadsheet and HTML versions. If you want to know what the projects are, you need to look at the unconstrained and constrained project lists. More later.


2 thoughts on “T-SPLOST Southern Region Cost Changes

  1. Barbara Stratton

    Am I missing something here. This list does not show the proposed $4,000,000 increase that was proposed for RC11-000095, but remains at $8,000,000. If you add the 2013-2015 funding to the 2016-2019 funding the total is $13,189,176. Is this designed to be non user friendly or am I just clueless? Please be kind when you answer the clueless part.

  2. Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

    I don’t understand it, either. The copy of the Constrained Project List I’ve got clearly says $12,000,000 for the Old US 41 N project (RC11-000095). I noticed that just after I posted the post we’re commenting on, and sent Corey a question about that. I don’t see any response from him yet. I just picked up a copy of the Constrained list again directly from the SGRC site: http://www.sgrc.us/transportation/SGRTRoundtable/SouthernDraftConstrainedListReport.pdf It clearly says $12,000,000 for that project. Something is amiss. Awaiting clarification from Corey Hull. -jsq

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