Quitman 10 host organization of NAACP in Brooks County

The Quitman 10 started out as activists, and now they’re taking it a step further: they hosted an organizational meeting for an NAACP branch in Brooks County. George Boston Rhynes was there and made this video of students singing about education, not incarceration:

Education, not Incarceration
Organizational Meeting, Brooks County NAACP,
Quitman, Brooks County, Georgia, 18 July 2010
Videos by George Boston Rhynes for K.V.C.I.

George videoed the whole meeting and posted it on his blog. He wrote in his introduction to this series of videos:

TO: All Patriotic Americans that believe in the General Public’s Right to know!

This was an historic event as seen through the eyes of many citizens in Quitman, Brooks County and in South Georgia in general. However, outside of my reporting of this event it would have been lost and excluded from the South Georgia Historical Archival Records of time, space and destiny forever. Much like so many other Historic Events without America’s Civil or Human Rights Organizations knocking on the doors of South Georgia to assist in continuing the work of those that gave every ounce of energy to help build a better America!


Moreover, I am thankful to the Quitman 10, community leaders; along with the Georgia State NAACP President Edward Dubose a National NAACP Board Member, District Coordinator Larry Lockett, and Rev. Floyd Rose of the SCLC in Valdosta, Georgia for allowing me to cover and publish this story.

Otherwise, it could have been buried and lost forever leaving our children along with coming generations with a distorted and incomplete record of today’s history—which is so important to our children and community! This is why I am so thankful for the Internet, Blogs and You Tube Sites. They were designed to keep the general public informed. Therefore, I like any Georgians are determined to utilize them along with any other sources; available to insure that NO citizen is left deaf; deaf; dumb; and bind to the times an unable to make intelligent decisions based on facts 21t Century!

I will key and zero you in, in both latitude and longitude on the target of the real news that are of utmost importance to us! It is my hope that this information will help foster real change in the mind and soul of all people. It is up to the real patriots and followers of those that traveled that great line of holy divine to help in the building of better community, state, nation and world!

George has been blogging and speaking in local government meetings since long before LAKE. He is an inspiration to us all. I highly recommend his blog, 88. K.V.C.I. Keeping Valdosta Citizen Informed. You can go there for the rest of the Brooks County NAACP organizational meeting.