Millage and Budget

What will Lowndes County do with that millage it’s going to adopt Tuesday? That would be in the budget.

Maybe they think they sufficiently discussed that at the budget hearing where no citizen questions were entertained. About the budget they refused to post online until after they approved it.

So, did they post it by that Friday, 1 July 2011, as County Manager Joe Pritchard promised? If you look under Departments, Finance, then Finance Reports, it is now online on the county’s web pages. (I don’t know since exactly when, since the the county’s web pages don’t say.)

It is similar to (still says “FY 2012 Proposed” even after the Commission approved it) but slightly different from (pagination) the version Gretchen Quarterman photographed and LAKE published before the budget hearing. The actual dollar numbers appear (on a very brief spot-check) to be the same.

The version published on the county’s web pages does not, however, contain the charts from Finance Director Stephanie Black’s presentation in the budget hearing. You still need to get those from LAKE. I don’t know why the county can’t publish them themselves.

The Commission should be applauded for coming in with a budget very little changed from previous years, considering the surrounding general financial situation. Maybe they can become a bit more transparent about how they do it.