Lame-duck Lofton cranks the same old scratched wax cylinder

After he gave his goodbye speech, I wished him happiness in Myrtle Beach and thought maybe he’d make a graceful exit. Nope, he’s still cranking the Edison phonograph on the same old scratched wax cylinder. Here he is last week responding to James Wright and dozens of other people in the same thread to which I later posted It’s an opportunity. In Lofton’s case, he’s still fixated on the losing proposition of biomass fuels. -jsq
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 08:59:49 -0400


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Thanks so much for sharing this and for your continued strong support of our client’s green renewable energy project. In addition to assisting the country in reducing our consumption of middle eastern fuel and improving the environment, this project will provide a much needed economic impact for landowners of every race, and the Industrial Authority will assist in the efforts underway to assist local farmers. Google “benefits of biomass electricity,”
and you will see why over 95% of all environmental groups in America support this form of renewable energy. You will also understand why over 50% of all the renewable energy generated in America today is from biomass. You will also understand why the U.S. Department of Energy and Agriculture, President Obama, and his entire cabinet are promoting bio-energy as key to America’s future. You will understand why biomass facilities are being developed not only in progressive communities in the country, but also at major universities, medical hospitals, and military installations. Please see the following link from researches at Duke and Georgia Tech and note their support of renewable energy as a way to save Southeastern U.S. ratepayers substantial money in the next thirty years. James, rest assured that our team will continue developing renewable energy options not only for the jobs, the regional economic impact, the assistance it will provide homeowners and ratepayers in our region, but also for the tremendous environmental benefits they bring.



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When I responded to James Wright with It’s an opportunity, I copied Lofton among all the others on the Cc: list, and got this autresponse from Lofton:

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A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed: Your email is blocked! The Wiregrass Power, LLC project has been enthusiastically approved by every level of government, endorsed by environmental groups across America, reviewed by experts from environmental groups, major universities and federal and state agencies. The project is moving forward in accordance with state and federal law. The permit was approved and issued on July 19, 2010 by Georgia\222s Environmental Protection Division (EPD), and the required zoning was unanimously approved by Lowndes County Board of Commissioners on June 9, 2009. The Industrial Authority is committed to the creation of renewable energy and green jobs. Members of the community are encouraged to go to our website at or schedule an appointment to meet with our staff for more information. Thank you for your interest in this project.

Lofton has so much failed to argue the actual issues of the matter that he’s now reduced to autoresponding with the same old tired appeal to authority he’s been cranking out for more than a year. I hear he’s blocked other people, as well. Is this what our tax dollars should be paying for, autoresponses to substantive proposals about economic development?

Now Lofton wants us to just google. OK, I googled, and I found the document you see on the right. It makes just as much sense as Lofton’s pronouncements, and seems about as old.