The Greening of Black America Initiative –James R. Wright

Here is the beginning of the long-running Greening of America email thread, a post by Valdosta City Council member James R. Wright. This is what Brad Lofton sent his non sequitur response to, and it is also what prompted my It’s an opportunity policy proposals. Here’s the powerpoint councilmember Wright seems to be referring to. -jsq
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 08:11:48 -0400

I thought you all might find this power point article interesting. It was sent to me by a group representing local small farmers who are looking into growing bio-crops for economic opportunities to feed their families. The information below is from the power point presentation.


Generating Economic Opportunities for Low-Wealth, Minority Rural Communities

Growing Bio-Crops for Sale

Farmers and Producers can grow bio-crops or fast growing trees, which they can sell to companies, like ours, which wish to convert that biomass into fuels or energy.

Some things to keep in mind are the cost to produce the crop, how much biomass is produced per acre and the logistics of shipping it to customers and their needs.

  • Untreated biomass is approximately 50% water, it is bulky and it is not, at the point of harvest, in its most efficient or useable form. Torrefaction:
    • Drives off most of the water
    • Reduces the bulk
    • Makes a far superior co-fire fuel to burn with coal
    • Makes superior briquettes and pellets, etc.
  • Torrefaction, used near the point of harvest:
    • Reduces transportation costs of biomass, per BTU
    • Produces a more valuable material to ship

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