MAGE SOLAR at Lowndes High, 29 March 2011

MAGE SOLAR, the German company which in September opened its North American headquarters in Dublin, Georgia, will be giving a 30 minute presentation at Lowndes High School next Tuesday, 29 March 2011 on
“the immense possibilities of solar power and its economic benefits for Georgia”
Hey, here’s an idea:
Concluding the program will be a highly anticipated Q&A-session which will provide direct access to industry experts and company officials; refreshments will be served.
Maybe with real answers, unlike an expensive dog and pony show with a hand-picked moderator going “we’re not going to get into debate.”

Kudos to MAGE SOLAR for locating in Georgia and then forging ahead into the sunshine of south Georgia! PDF and image of the flyer, and PDF and text of the detailed invitation, are available on LAKE’s website.


PS: This post owed to Jerome Tucker.

2 thoughts on “MAGE SOLAR at Lowndes High, 29 March 2011

  1. Karen Noll

    This is great!! We’d love to hear what that company has to share with our community. do we have contact info to ask the representative to speak to the community at an evening event for the public??

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