Tom Call: New VLCIA Board Member

The Valdosta-Lowndes County Industrial Authority (VLCIA) has a new board member, Tom Call, local realtor and pesticider:
Roy Copeland
Roy Copeland
Tom Call
Tom Call
Mary B. Gooding
Mary Gooding
Norman Bennett
Norman Bennett
Jerry Jennett
Jerry Jennett,
Since VLCIA’s website has no picture for Tom Call, LAKE has used the one from his Plaxo page.

He’s on the board of Homeland Defense Corp., which does “Custom Automated Mosquito and Insect Misting Systems” and says this:

Thomas B. Call graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. After a career in the agricultural chemicals industry, Tom branched out into real estate. Today, he is the owner of Coldwell Banker Premier Real Estate, and owns a number of successful businesses specializing in residential and commercial real estate development.
(Also on that board are R. Clinton Beeland, Jr., founder and owner of CJB Industries, Inc.,, where Jeana Beeland, At-Large Member of the Valdosta School Board, works in Human Resources, and Jeffry S. Lovell, founder and principal of Lovell Engineering Associates.)

Tom Call is a Leadership Lowndes 2000 Alumnus.

His LinkedIn page lists him as “Tallahassee, Florida Area Industry Real Estate”. According to the VDT back in 2006, Tom Call is involved with the Grove Pointe development on Old US 41 N, just south and east of Valwood School.

Call was appointed to the VLCIA to replace Gary Minchew, according to the minutes of the Valdosta City Council meeting of 11 Nov 2010:

Consideration of an appointment to the Valdosta-Lowndes Co. Industrial Authority.

Mark Barber, Deputy City Manager of Administration, stated that the Valdosta-Lowndes County Industrial Authority has a member, Gary Minchew, whose term will expire on January 1, 2011. This appointment was advertised according to the Boards, Commissions, Authorities, and Advisory Committees Policy that was adopted by Mayor and Council. Mr. Minchew has expressed an interest in being reappointed to the Industrial Authority.

The applicants for Council’s consideration in no order of preference are as follows: (1) Thomas (Tom) B. Call, Jr. – Realtor, Coldwell Banker Premier Real Estate, (2) Kenneth E. Garren – Retired from the Valdosta-Lowndes County Industrial Authority, (3) Gary Minchew – Real Estate Broker/Developer, Gary Minchew Realty, (4) Jennifer Powell – Chief Administrator, Fresh Beginnings, (5) Joe Prater – Retired from the U. S. Air Force and College Dean, and (6) Carlos D. Hundley – Communicable Disease Specialist, South Health District. This was Mr. Hundley’s second choice for a Board Appointment.

Mayor Fretti asked for nominations. Councilman Carroll placed in consideration the name of Jennifer Powell. Councilman Wright placed in consideration the name of Gary Minchew. Councilwoman White placed in consideration the name of Thomas B. Call, Jr. There being no other nominations, Mayor Fretti closed nominations.

Jennifer Powell received one vote. Gary Minchew received one vote. Tom Call received two votes. Mayor Fretti stated that a majority would be needed for an appointment and advised Council that the person who is appointed will need three votes. Since Tom Call has two votes his name will be placed aside and Council will need to come up with another primary candidate between Jennifer Powell and Gary Minchew. Mayor Fretti stated that if there was a deadlock he would have to break the tie. Mayor Fretti asked for Councilman Carroll and Councilman Wright to vote again. Jennifer Powell received one vote. Gary Minchew received one vote. Mayor Fretti broke the tie and voted for Jennifer Powell.

Mayor Fretti asked for a vote between Jennifer Powell and Tom Call. Tom Call received three votes. Jennifer Powell received one vote. Tom Call was appointed to serve a term of five years on the Valdosta-Lowndes County Industrial Authority.


3 thoughts on “Tom Call: New VLCIA Board Member

  1. Children First

    It was apparent that the Valdosta Board of Education was not interested in passing a resolution against the Biomass Incinerator which poses extreme health dangers to the children at JL Lomax and Southeast because Ms. Beeland and others themselves or their family members had professional relationships with Industrial Authority board members.
    It was very disturbing that the VBOE under Chairman Bill Love’s leadership allowed Mr. Lofton and Col. Ricketts 45 minutes to present, during which time they made untrue statements about community leaders being “supporters” which were blatantly untrue. Subsequently the WACE expert witnesses, Dr. Brad Bergstrom at VSU and Dr. Gretchen Bielmyer at VSU, were only given 5 minutes apiece.
    This is unacceptable and as Mr. Quarterman teases out all the hidden agendas we can understand why these things are happening.
    People on the VBOE board with ties to the VCLIA need to refrain from debate or votes where this issue is concerned. It is called CONFLICT OF INTEREST.
    It is really sad when the good-old-boy system takes precedence over the lives of children.

  2. Elect Children's Advocates, Not Industry Reps

    Someone with no ties to industry needs to run against Jeena Beeland for the at-large seat.
    Maybe Mrs. Noll could be convinced to run against her. I’d much rather have a mother who actually cares more for children’s health than industry profits to be making decisions for the children in the VBOE system.

  3. Leigh Touchton

    I was told by people in the community that Mr. Wright has been employed by Gary Minchew. If this is true, then why did Mr. Wright vote to reappoint Mr. Minchew to the VLCIA? I hope someone will confirm the situation. I asked Mr. Wright publicly if this were true and he refused to answer and then he blocked my email address.
    Does anyone in the community know?

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