“Once again you ignore suggestions” –John S. Quarterman

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Responding to Brad Lofton’s message, actually Dalton, Georgia already has a 365kW solar array installed and in use. That’s larger than the 350 kW array VLCIA has “about to break ground”, and Dalton got theirs without having to take a biomass plant with it.

As for wood-sourced biomass, Rayonier Jesup Mill produces around 78 MW, which is more than the 40MW biomass plant VLCIA is thinking about starting. Jesup also got high air and water pollution and high crime.

Meanwhile, Dublin is already hiring for 350 jobs for the MAGE SOLAR manufacturing plant, while VLCIA’s biomass plant would only bring 25 jobs.

Once again you ignore suggestions for clean energy projects and reiterate the biomass plant and its bag-on-the-side solar plant as the whole of VLCIA’s plan.

Fortunately, I have confidence that such experienced developers as the VLCIA board can do better than that.

You know, I would like to hear more about the 1,700 jobs you say VLCIA has created. Where’s the project list with associated jobs? I’d love to link to it!

What about all the new projects that appear and disappear in VDT writeups? For example, what happened to Project EARTH, mentioned last May in the VDT:

…to construct a 700,000-square-foot vehicle manufacturing facility to build hybrid vehicles, which would create about 450 to 600 new jobs.
I’d love to spend my blogging time writing about success stories from the VLCIA, and I’d bet most of the community would love to be cheering you on for such projects.

Why, instead, is the VLCIA spending its political capital on a 25 job proposal that is provoking increasing opposition?

John S. Quarterman

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