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Retreat tab?

Local governments here probably don’t want to get into the news for the cost of their upcoming retreats, Lowndes County Commission this month, and Valdosta City Council next month, like Roswell alrady did.

Pat Fox wrote for the AJC 15 Feb 2013, Record shows $4,800 tab for Roswell retreat,

Roswell city officials ran up a tab of at least $4,800 for their three-day work retreat this month at the Reynolds Plantation, 106 miles away in Greensboro.

Financial records from five north Fulton cities show these planning sessions can run the gamut, from a shoestring event for $700 in Sandy Springs to more than $10,000 for Johns Creek.

The Roswell retreat, held Jan. 31-Feb. 2, included nine people — Mayor Jere Wood, six council members, City Administrator Kay Love and a facilitator, who did not charge for his services. All spent two nights at the Reynolds facility near Lake Oconee.

Perhaps stay close to home where hotels aren’t necessary.


Georgia legislature still trying to suck up Tennessee River water

Because Atlanta can’t get a grip on its water usage, the Georgia legislature is still trying to suck up Tennessee River water. If the legislature is willing to try that, how long before they try sucking up our Floridan Aquifer water for Atlanta?

Prefiled in December to be up early as the Georgia legisture starts meeting today, is a bill to try to move the northern border of Georgia to match an eighteenth century boundary that just happens to include a bit of the Tennessee River in Georgia. HR 4, Georgia and Tennessee; boundary dispute; propose settlement, was filed by Rep. Harry Geisinger, R – Roswell, District 48, and says in part:

WHEREAS, the State of Georgia proposes to the State of Tennessee that the dispute be resolved by the states agreeing that the current boundary between the two states reflecting the flawed 1818 survey be adopted as the legal boundary between the states except for an area described as follows which shall be made a part of the State of Georgia by which Georgia shall be able to exercise its riparian water rights to the Tennessee River at Nickajack:

Georgia is already in a three-decade-long dispute with Alabama and Florida over the Chattahoochee River. Does adding a dispute over the Tennessee River seem like a good idea to you?

And how can we best stop Atlanta from coming for our Floridan Aquifer?


Georgia Legislators

I blogged about State Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver and then happened to run into her about an hour later, along with her partner in ethics. This time she was in color.

Stephanie Stuckey Benfield (D-85 Atlanta) and Mary Margaret Oliver (D-83 Decatur):
Roswell, Georgia, 31 March 2012.
Pictures by John S. Quarterman for Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange (LAKE).