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What is a Condominium?

Regarding condominiums and zoning in the Lowndes County ULDC, Georgia condominium law basically says that zoning can’t deny condos if some other form of ownership is permitted. If there’s a five acre minimum, only one condo unit could fit in that five acres, but with community membership with the other condos on the associated property.. For example, on an 18 acre piece of property, the maximum number of units would be 3 or 4.

Of course, a condominium doesn’t have to be a dwelling unit. As Gary Stock points out The key feature is joint ownership:

“A condominium is not a building. It is a form of ownership.”
it could be a horse farm, a hunting camp, a fishing club, or other. There usually needs to be a general common area, then some limited common areas with building envelopes for condo unit owners to use to build buildings (or maybe buildings are already there). The catch is that because a condominium is all one piece of property jointly owned, drawing limited common areas and building envelopes doesn’t require zoning approval.

Appended is one of the more relevant sections of the Georgia code.


ยง 44-3-114. Effect of article upon land use, zoning, building, and subdivision laws; effect of Code Section 44-3-92; applicability of land use and zoning ordinances or laws to expandable condominium
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