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You are the media

It’s not necessary to occupy a square or stage a sit-in to emulate MLK’s nonviolent methods, even in Egypt. Look for blue lights in this video:

One view of what you just saw:

In the video you’ll notice the events of the day are not getting captured by film crews and news reporters. They’re being documented by people with their mobile phones. Take another look at the video and count the number of illuminated mobile phone screens you see being raised overhead to capture pictures and video as the scenes in the streets unfolds.
It doesn’t take a fancy camera to record events as they happen. Most any old cell phone will do.

You are the media.


Georgia native helps inspire Egyptian revolution: MLK in Arabic

Georgia native son Martin Luther King continues to inspire non-violent resistance to oppression, now in Arabic comic book form in Egypt. Egyptian activist Dalia Ziada obtained rights to translate The Montgomery Story from 1958 into Arabic. She says:
When, at first, we went to print the comic book, a security officer blocked publication. So we called him and demanded a meeting. He agreed, and we read through the comic book over coffee to address his concerns. At the end, he granted permission to print and then asked: “Could I have a few extra copies for my kids?”
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