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Rally & Motorcade from Serenity Church to Courthouse 2016-07-12

Received from Rev. Floyd Rose at noon today:

As you know, people (White and Black) are marching in support of the black men who are being shot and killed by white police officers, 29519 124070624280866 1794251 N and the police who were killed in Dallas. SCLC decided that we would joined our black brothers and sisters and whites of goodwill all over the country by rallying at Serenity Church, 2016 North Lee Street here in Valdosta, at 10:00 Tuesday Morning, and then motorcade to the courthouse for a march and rally. We expect a large crowd, and would like very much for you, your family and friends to join us.

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J.R. Ewing (OK, Larry Hagman) Goes Solar

Larry Hagman, most famous for playing Texas oilman JR Ewing, has gone solar. He says the east coast blackout of 2003 made him think of the fragility of the grid, so he installed enough solar panels and inverters to power his rather large estate:

He spent about $750,000 and got about $300,000 back in rebates. With the current Georgia 35% rebate and the federal 30% rebate on renewable energy installation, an investment of that amount could get back around $487,500 in rebates. Of course, the average home solar installation isn’t nearly that big, more like $15,000, with something like $9,750 rebate, or around $5,250 net.