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Potential defects shipped to Farley reactors and four others

No worries about this reactor coolant system defect; Westinghouse says so, and didn’t even list Vogtle or Diablo Canyon, where Southern Company and PG&E said they were going to install these shields. Nevermind a reactor operator warned us back in January. Westinghouse did list “Beaver Valley Unit 2, Callaway, D.C. Cook Unit 1, Farley Units 1 and 2, and Wolf Creek”.

NRC Event Notification Report for July 29, 2013 Event Number 49217:


“The defect being reported concerns an identified inconsistency between the intended design functionality of the SHIELD passive thermal shutdown seal (SDS) and that observed during post-service testing.

“The purpose of the SDS is to reduce current reactor coolant system inventory losses to very small leakage rates for a plant that results in the loss of all reactor coolant pump (RCP) seal cooling. The SDS is a Continue reading

Callaway nuke down since Friday near Kansas City, MO

Where there was black smoke in the turbine building there was fire that shut down a nuclear plant Friday. It’s still down today, with no estimate on uptime. This is after Callaway was shut down most of April and May due to an electrical fault that “injured or affected” four people. It’s only been up most of 4 months out of the past 6. Not so reliable, this baseload nuclear, is it?

Callaway down 2 out of 6 months

Margaret Gillerman wrote for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch 27 July 2013, Callaway nuclear plant shut down after a small fire,

FULTON, MO. • Callaway County’s nuclear plant has been shut down since shortly before midnight Friday when a small fire broke out in the turbine building, authorities said.

No one was injured.

“No personnel were hurt, and no radioactivity was released” above normal operating limits, Barry Cox, senior director of nuclear operations at Callaway, said Saturday. Cox said the fire was in Continue reading

Alcohol, drugs, and broken nuke equipment

A broken cooling water pump at Fermi 2 yesterday plus 60% lost safety data today. Airflow and quality problems at Kewaunee and Three Mile Island. Drugs at Saint Lucie in Florida and alcohol at Nine Mile Point 1 in New York and at Braidwood in Illinois. And four workers injured at Callaway in Missouri. Apparently nuke employees can get terminated for off-site recreational drug use, but not for fires or broken equipment.

We’ve already seen the event about fire at Plant Vogtle. Here are more events in the NRC Current Event Notification Report for April 4, 2013 and also today, April 5, 2013,

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