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Rainbarrel from Valdosta Stormwater 2018-07-20

Gretchen picked up a rainbarrel when she stopped by the Valdosta City Hall Annex to drop off okra (Okra Paradise Farms has customers everywhere).

Movie: Filling above 10 gallons (6.0M), Raining

Here’s a video of it filling up: Continue reading

Videos: Regional water council meeting in Valdosta @ SSRWPC 2014-05-21

Anticipating water and wastewater needs, coordinating with Florida and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, comparing water usage to available resources in the face of droughts, floods, and climate change, Georgia’s regional water management council for this area considered all this and more when it met in Valdosta to finalize a document: Regional Assessment of Implementation Status. Here are videos of the whole meeting.