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Juvenile Justice grant would reduce costs more than the grant –Judge Council @ LCC 2013-05-28

Would you rather spend upwards of $91,000 a year to lock up a juvenile offender or spend less money to prevent that? Juvenile Court Judge Council advocated the former at this morning’s Lowndes County Commission Work Session.

6.a. 2013 Juvenile Justice Incentive Grant Program Application

This is about a potential new grant Emergency Director Ashley Tye said he had been working on with Judge Council, applying to the Juvenile Justice Incentive Grant Program which was approved by the legislator and governor this year. (Governor’s Executive Order of 16 April 2013 directing the assembly of the Juvenile Justice Incentive Grant Funding Committee to allocate to counties the funding of $5 million approved by the legislature.) Lowndes County would act as the applicant agent or grant administrator on behalf of the juvenile justice department, and Judge Council would serve as the implementing agency, working with several groups such as LODAC ( Lowndes Drug Action Council, Inc.). If the grant is accepted, it will be awarded quickly, running from June to June. It’s a reimbursement grant: make the expenses, submit a report, and get reimbursed from the grant.

Judge James F. Council, Jr. (who Continue reading