Videos: Gresham Event Venue, Kinderlou-Clyattville Road RoW, Hurricane Idalia repairs @ LCC Work 2024-02-12

This morning the Lowndes County Commission spent nine and a half minutes on the contentious Gresham Event Venue on Old Valdosta Road. They did not discuss the substantial opposition letters from Richard A. Stalvey and Justin Coleman.

Two of the Commissioners were not present: Joyce Evans and Demarcus Marshall. They were with County Manager Paige Dukes in Washington DC.

Commissioner Scottie Orenstein (it’s in his district) asked if the Gresham Event Venue applicants understood they needed not to be a noise nuisance. The County Planner said the applicants had been made aware, and had discussed using tents which could accomodate up to 300 people. I don’t see how that would reduce noise.

Chairman Bill Slaughter asked if a condition could be added that music could only be inside the building. The County Planner said yes, but Code Enforcement would have to enforce it. There was more discussion of noise.

They vote 5:30 PM Tuesday (tomorrow).

[Collage @ LCC 12 February 2024]
Collage @ LCC 12 February 2024

They spent 3 minutes on the less contentious Byrd Road house lot project, and less on the purchase of right of way for Kinderlou-Clyattville Road, on more money from TIA for Briggston Road Paving and Drainage Improvements, on acceptance of infrastructure and roads for Quarterman Estates Phase 4, Section 2 (no relation), and on several Hurricane Idalia repair projects to be reimbursed 87% by FEMA.

Here are links to each LAKE video of each agenda item, with a few notes by Gretchen Quarterman, followed by a LAKE video playlist.

See also the agenda and board packet, and the preceding LAKE videos of the previous month’s Planning Commission meeting.

Here’s a LAKE video playlist:

Videos: Gresham Event Venue, Kinderlou-Clyattville Road RoW, Hurricane Idalia repairs @ LCC Work 2024-02-12
Lowndes County Commission (LCC) Work Session, Monday, February 12, 2024, Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia.
Videos by Gretchen Quarterman for Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange (LAKE).


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