Virtual World, Bimbo QSR, Ace Electric @ VLDA 2022-01-18

Maybe it’s time to go to one of these. It’s tonight at 5:30 PM.

Bimbo QSR “will produce several different types of hamburgers, hot dogs, and sandwich buns for quick-service restaurants” according to WALB, in a 100,000 square foot building on South Saint Augustine Road for a claimed investment of $25 million.

Virtual World Technologies does managed technology services, although curiously it doesn’t seem to update its social media.

Ace Electric has been around here a long time. Evidently they’re doing something new.

[Bimbo QSR and Virtual World, VLCIA Agenda]
Bimbo QSR and Virtual World, VLCIA Agenda

Here is the agenda.

Mission: Create an environment to attract new industry and promote the growth of existing industry to drive job creation and capital investment.

Development Authority

2022 Board of Directors
Brad Folsom, Chair
Tom Call, Vice Chair
Aneesha Johnson, Secretary
Jerry Jennett, Director
Terri Lupo, Director
Term Exp 1/1/2023 (County Appointee)
Term Exp 1/1/2026 (City Appointee)
Term Exp 1/1/2024 (City/County Joint Appointee)
Term Exp 1/1/2027 (City Appointee)
Term Exp 1/1/2025 County Appointee)


Tuesday, January 18, 2022, 5:30 pm


* Vote

  1. Welcome, Invocation & Call to Order Brad Folsom
  2. Approval of Minutes
    • General Monthly Minutes December 15, 2021 Brad Folsom *
  3. Consideration of Financial Report, December 2021 Tom Davis *
  4. Presentation of 2020-2021 Audit-Mr. Mark Rogers
  5. Project Management Report Stan Crance
    • Virtual World Technologies
    • Bimbo QSR
  6. Business Development Report
  7. Strategic Development Report
  8. Director’s Report Andrea Schruijer
  9. Attorney Report Bill Holland
    • Bimbo QSR Easement *
    • Ace Electric Inc. *
  10. Items for Consideration
  11. Citizens to be Heard
  12. Executive Session TBD
  13. Adjourn Monthly Meeting

Next Monthly Meeting: Wednesday, February 15, 2022


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