2 Valdosta, 1 Lowndes, Officers, Calendar @ GLPC ZBOA 2019-11-05

In an unusual move, Valdosta Engineering and Stormwater Departments jointly wrote half a page proposing a different parking arrangement than the applicant asked for from ZBOA, on the agenda for this Tuesday afternoon.

[Proposed Site Plan]
Proposed Site Plan

Staff Review Comments:

Engineering & Stormwater Department: While this development has the minimum amount of parking required; the business is continually starved for parking and drive-thru stacking during peak business hours. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) A few years ago they leased an adjacent property and installed a temporary gravel parking lot for employee parking. As much as the offsite employee parking has help conditions on site, the parking shortage is a continuous problem during these peak times. Adding a second drive-thru lane for additional stacking is likely to help relieve some of the pressure on drive-thru traffic, however parking difficulties are likely to increase for dine-in customers. With the highest impact on customers with disabilities. (The A.D.A. parking spaces currently along the building entrance, would be moved to other side of the drive aisle/stacking lanes) Additionally the application requests approval for nine spaces to be removed. However eleven spaces and two A.D.A accessible loading aisles are actually being removed. (Eight parking spaces, three A.D.A spaces plus two loading aisles equivalent to one parking space in size each) Since van accessible A.D.A. spaces are sized differently, relocating three A.D.A spaces over standard spaces will result in two additional spaces lost. (Three A.D.A spaces cover the same area as five standard parking spaces) Therefore the total parking count will be reduced by thirteen spaces, not nine spaces as indicated on the application. Why not go ahead and purchase the adjacent property being leased for overflow parking and engineer a permanent solution that will accommodate adding the second drive-thru lane and offset or eliminate the loss of parking spaces proposed under this request?

All other city departments marked “No comments” for APP-2019-07 — Variance Request by Interplan, LLC C/O Chick-Fil-A.

The other Valdosta variance request, for a sign a variable sign on James Circle, and the one county case, for slightly bigger Circle K signs on North Valdosta Road, seem likely to be less controversial.

Below is the agenda. The entire ZBOA packet is on the LAKE website courtesy of ZBOA Board member Gretchen Quarterman.

Valdosta – Lowndes County Zoning Board of Appeals

Valdosta Planning and Zoning Office
300 North Lee Street, Valdosta, Georgia
(229) 259-3563

Lowndes County Zoning Office
327 North Ashley Street, Valdosta, Georgia
(229) 671-2430

November 5, 2019
2:30 p.m.

  1. Call to Order


  2. VAR-2019-13 — Circle K #5145 (4205 North Valdosta Road)
    Request for a
    variance to ULDC Section 4.02.01 (C)(5)(a)as it pertains to the Maximum Square Footage of Signage area allowed for Freestanding Signs within the Corridor Road Overlay District


  3. APP-2019-07 — Chick-Fil-A (3147 Inner Perimeter Road)
    Request for a
    variance to LDR Section 222-2 as it pertains to the Minimum Required Number of Parking Spaces
  4. APP-2019-08 — Mark Gaskins (3050 James Circle)
    Request for a
    variance to LDR Section 230-9(E)(6)(a) as it pertains to the Location of a Variable Message Board


  5. Approval of Minutes: October 1, 2019
  6. Nomination of Chairman and Vice-Chairman
    John “Mac” McCall, Chairman
    Allan Strickland, Vice-Chairman
  7. Adoption of 2020 Meeting Schedule
  8. Adjournment


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