Videos: 2 appointments, Tower, GDOT Utilities, various agreements @ LCC Regular 2019-05-28

Animal welfare was the topic of the one Citizen wished to be Heard: Ed Barr, a former VSU faculty member, who said he spoke for a group of people who want a better-designed animal shelter, with better accessibility, as in closer to a residential area, or maybe redesigned like Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary in Thomasville; he never said quite what features that meant.

The Regular Session was double-booked at the same time as the Planning Commission, so Gretchen went to the Planning Commission. The county’s own video was not available yesterday, but it appeared after I inquired.

They appointed Berinda Nwakamma to the 5a. Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD). “You have her information in your agenda packet,” said County Manager Joe Pritchard, but that was not among the documents returned by the county to a LAKE open records request. She did speak at the Work Session at 4PM that same day, see the LAKE video of that. The Chairman said she was a current membership of Leadership Lowndes, which he complimented as usual.

They unanimously reappointed Commissioner Joyce Evans (she did not speak about this in the Work Session) to 5.b. Southern Georgia Area Agency on Aging. Both nominations were made by Commissioner Demarcus Marshall.

Clay Brogdon for Verizon, and Audrey King for Georgia Power, spoke in favor of 6.a. TWR-2019-01 US Hwy 84 E. E-A, New 300′ Telecommunications Tower. In the Work Session, they heard they had gotten the last bits of information from Moody AFB and the FAA. They unanimously approved the tower.

They unanimously approved everything else.

In the Reports, the County Manager asked Finance Director Stephanie Black to talk about an award the Finance Department had received. Over 1600 governments in the U.S. and Canada get the award, and Lowndes County has for the past 13 years. The Chairman complimented her.

See also the agenda, the Valdosta Daily Times coverage, the LAKE videos of the preceding Work Session, the board packet (or as much as we got of it from the county), and the LAKE videos of the Planning Commission meeting at 5:30 PM that same evening, with the same tower item on it.

Here’s the county’s own video of the Regular Session:

Video: 2 appointments, Tower, GDOT Utilities, various agreements
Regular Session, Lowndes County Commission (LCC Regular),
Video by Lowndes County,
Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia, 2019-05-28.


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