Annual Planning @ LCC Plan 2019-02-07

Lowndes County Commissioners and staff are meeting for two days to discuss strategy, as they do every year.

Commissioners and senior staff, Participants

They didn’t post an agenda on, but Gretchen photographed the one they had at Chairman Bill Slaughter’s pond house, so here it is:

Lowndes County
Annual Planning Meeting
6926 Simpson Road ~ Hahira
February 7-8
8:30 a.m.

Unified Land Development Code
SPLOST VIII – Proposed Projects
Infrastructure Policy
Beautification Recommendations
Water & Sewer Infrastructure
Criminal Justice

This is the same Simpson Road for which the county mysteriously paid for right of way, in the only known exception to their no-pay rule in more than a decade, and the approved $2 million for paving.

One Page, Agenda

Commissioners on break.

On break, Commissioners
Photo: Gretchen Quarterman for LAKE, left to right: Chairman Bill Slaughter, Commissioners Mark Wisenbaker (District 3), Joyce Evans (District 1), Scottie Orenstein (District 2), Demarcus Marshall (Superdistrict 5), Clay Griner (Superdistrict 4)

This is a newer zoning map, dated January 2019, than the December 2015 map on the county’s website.

Unified Land Development Code (ULDC), Topic


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