Videos: 3 Hahira rezonings + annexation, Valdosta PD + LDR @ GLPC 2016-05-31

Here are LAKE videos of the controversial Hahira rezonings and annexation at the Planning Commission May 31st 2016. The longest GLPC discussion was actually on the Valdosta sign ordinance changes.

County Manager Joe Pritchard acknowledged receipt of a letter from Hahira at the Lowndes County Commission Work Session 2016-05-23 and the next day the County Commission voted they had no objections. After nobody from the audience spoke for or against, the Planning Commission on 2016-05-31 recommended anexation, chaired by vice-chair Jody Hall of Hahira. Probably the Hahira City Council discussed this item at the Hahira City Council Work Session the same day as the County Commission Work Session, and proceeded with the annexation at the Hahira Regular Session of June 2nd, but the last Hahira minutes online are from February 2016.

Thanks to Hahira City Planner Matt Martin, packet materials for the Hahira items are on the LAKE website. See also the agenda.

Here’s a video playlist:

Videos: 3 Hahira rezonings + annexation, valdosta PD + LDR
Regular Session, Greater Lowndes Planning Commission (GLPC),
Video by Gretchen Quarterman for Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange (LAKE),
Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia, 31 May 2016.