Illegal trash dumping @ LCC 2015-02-05

I’m shocked, shocked, to discover there’s illegal dumping going on in Lowndes County! County staff assured us all two yeas ago that wouldn’t be a problem, while telling us all we had no choice about waste disposal. Yet today at the county’s retreat they showed this map of illegal dumping locations throughout the county.

300x400 Map, in Illegal trash dumping @ LCC Retreat 2015-02-05, by Gretchen Quarterman, 5 February 2015 300x400 Legend, in Illegal trash dumping @ LCC Retreat 2015-02-05, by Gretchen Quarterman, 5 February 2015

(If the county published board packets before meetings, you’d be able to see those maps better than these mobile phone snaps from Gretchen.)

Unnamed “representatives from Lowndes County” told the VDT 30 January 2013 that:

“Lowndes County Code Enforcement successfully prosecutes cases on a monthly basis in the Magistrate Court for illegal roadside dumping. In addition, there are many proactive citizens that will call in with tag numbers when they see other citizens throw trash from their vehicles.

“While this may seem like an option people can get away with, more times than not, these cases are prosecuted successfully. Violators are fined. The amount of the fine is determined case by case by the magistrate. In some cases, where dumping can be so significant that the case is handled by state court, those fines can be thousands of dollars.”

So can we see a list of who’s been prosecuted for illegal dumping?

And why are any county citizens being prosecuted for the county government’s own mistake of closing the waste collection sites and allocating an exclusive franchise to a company financed from New York City?

At least now they’re finally looking into fixing their mistake.


2 thoughts on “Illegal trash dumping @ LCC 2015-02-05

  1. Lisa Eaton

    I have been taking pictures around Lowndes County for years. I have noticed over the last year that the amount of trash that is dumped in just about every place you can imagine, is ridiculous. Things from car tires, tractor tires, commodes and bags and bags of garbage. One example is the Oris Blackburn Park. Just ask the county workers that try to keep the park in order. People bring trash and dump it there all the time. Dirt roads that use to be beautiful are now littered with trash. Closing the recycle/dump was a huge mistake. If you think the low income people of the county are going to be forced to pay for trash service, you are sadly mistaken. It needs to be re-opened at no charge before Lowndes County is one big trash dump. If you need photos, please let me know and I will be glad to provide them with the roads they are on.

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