Sabal Trail pipeline disruptive for what gain? –Valdosta Today

The same Monday that the Dougherty County Commission passed a resolution against the Sabal Trail pipeline, Valdosta Today editorialized against it.

S.E. (Chip) Harp, Valdosta Today Editor, 27 October 2014, Proposed Pipeline will Disrupt south Georgia, but for What Gain?,

SASSER — The proposed (and likely) Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline will impact most residents in south Georgia, bringing additional natural gas supplies to Florida “while increasing the diversity and reliability of the region’s energy-delivery system and positively impacting the economy in the Southeast, specifically Alabama, Georgia and Florida”, per Sabal Trail reports.

However, as has been seen already, it will also have a negative impact on many area businesses, landowners and residents, especially agricultural-based businesses. One of those affected is produce and ag-tourism business Mark’s Melon Patch in Sasser, northwest of Albany.

Terrell County resident and native Mark Daniel has been operating this produce and ag-tourism business for over 33 years. His stand and business has grown to be a fixture off busy US Highway 82 over the decades. His business not only offers fresh local produce for sale, but other family-based activities which he says would be disrupted by the proposed pipeline. The proposed route would be built along his property, where he had hopes of expanding his business.

“It’s something that’s very near and dear to me. And the threat of a pipeline coming through here and messing that dream of mine up is heartbreaking to me,” Daniel told WALB in an interview.

There’s much more in that editorial, which is well worth reading. And also this, after regurgitating Sabal Trail’s PR about natural gas being “clean” (which it isn’t: methane is a far worse greenhouse gas than CO2) and about lower prices (which will actually go up if exports start, such as through those three already-authorized LNG export operations right where this pipeline would go in Florida):

It seems to be another case of the collective good superseding the individual’s needs. That’s why the Federal Government has overarching authority to make these decisions through FERC.

Well, if you consider profit for a few utilities and fossil fuel companies to be “the collective good”. And that’s the Orwellian doublespeak Spectra and FPL and Williams Co. would like to have us buy, in exchange for local hazards to our water, air, economy, environment, and personal safety.