Quitman 10+2 third trial

“Thank you for not plea bargaining” said George Boston Rhynes starting his series of videos on the ongoing third trial of Lula Smart of the Quitman 10+2. No newspapers, radio, or TV reporters at this trial about voters’ rights. But George is there.

Here’s George’s first report:

And here’s one from the second day, still during jury selection, including some video from inside the courtroom this time, with permission from Judge McCarvey. The first thing the judge said from the bench was that anybody whose cell phone went off would spend the night in jail. The attorneys for the prosecution declined to identify themselves when George asked, while the defense attorney did identify herself. He also said anybody who discussed testimony of witnesses with a witness before the trial would spend more than one night in jail; attorneys and clients excepted.

And another, in which Kevin Moran from Atlanta said he’d been following this case for some time, and had concluded the case was being orchestrated from the highest levels of the state, and was for the purpose of suppressing minority voting not only in Brooks County but also across the southern counties of the state. He pointed out the absentee ballot strategy the Quitman 10 used was previously used by the Republican party. And since that one election the same Quitman candidates had been repeatedly elected to the school board by large majorities.

During these trials, he had noted that a postal service employee had collected names of people who had mailed in ballots, which is in violation of his duties as a postal employee. Plus it was shown on cross-examination that the postal employee’s claims of blocks of ballots sent in at the same time didn’t match the actual dates on the envelopes.

George is at the courthouse every day this trial goes on. Do yourself a favor and watch his videos as they come out.