Fourth solar military project by Georgia Power: Kings Bay Submarine Base

Like the three Army bases before it, solar power from the Navy Base at Kings Bay will go into Georgia Power’s grid. How about Air Force bases next, such as Moody AFB? And how about start building 30 MW solar farms throughout the state?

Curiously, there’s no press release by either Georgia Power or the Navy about this project.

Dave Williams wrote for the Atlanta Business Journal 14 August 2014, Georgia Power to build solar project at naval base,

The U.S. Navy is working with Georgia Power Co. to build a solar energy project at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base near St. Marys, a Georgia Power executive announced Thursday.

The solar project would be the fourth built by the Atlanta-based utility in partnership with the military.

Georgia Power and the U.S. Army announced in May a plan to build three 30-megawatt solar projects at Fort Stewart near Savannah, Fort Benning near Columbus and Fort Gordon near Augusta.

“The Navy is following the Army’s footsteps,” Norrie McKenzie, vice president of renewable energy development for Georgia Power, told the state Public Service Commission Thursday.

The other three 30 MW military solar projects are “at Fort Benning near Columbus, Fort Gordon near Augusta and Fort Stewart near Savannah”. The Kings Bay deal seems to be as Kristi Swartz described the Army base deal for EnergyWire 16 May 2014,

The utility says all the electricity produced by the 30 MW solar generation projects will be delivered to the utility’s grid. “In case of service interruptions, military bases receive high attention and priority from Georgia Power from restoration efforts,” the company said.

So Georgia Power is helping the military meet their renewable energy quotas. How about also helping the economy of Georgia in general by adding more solar farms elsewhere in the state?

And speaking of the Air Force, there’s a 10 MW solar project at Warner Robins Air Force Base.


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