Change order, KLVB, and Pipeline @ LCC 2014-04-08

$78,892.56 for an unbid change order for Val Del Road. The Board of Tax Assessors’ appeal to a Board of Equalizations decision to grand PCA an unusual depreciation was approved by the Lowndes County Commission by a rare split decision, 2 to 1. Greg Powell of Langdale Industries appointed to KLVB. And Citizen Noll recommended the Commission pass a resolution or ordinance about the proposed Sabal Trail pipeline.

Three voting Commissioners (Raines was absent and Page vacated his seat) unanimously approved three rezonings with nobody speaking for or against. They granted permission to the Sheriff’s office and to Emergency Management to apply for equipment grants. There was a weather report, and a report on an animal adoption event the previous weekend.

Here’s the agenda, with links to the videos and a few notes. See also the videos of the previous morning’s Work Session.

WORK SESSION, MONDAY, APRIL 7, 2014, 8:30 a.m.
327 N. Ashley Street — 2nd Floor
  1. Call to Order Call to Order 2. Invocation 3. Pledge of Allegiance


  2. Invocation

    Only in the Regular Session Tuesday evening.

  3. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
  4. National County Government Month Proclamation National County Government Month

    Video. According to the National Association of Counties this celebrated every April, and this year’s theme is “Ready and Resilient Counties: Prepare. Respond. Thrive.”

  5. Minutes for Approval Minutes for Approval


    1. Work Session — March 24, 2014
    2. Regular Session — March 25, 2014
  6. Appointment
    1. Keep Lowndes-Valdosta Beautiful Board Appointment - KLVB

      Video. County Manager Joe Pritchard said that the slot formerly held by Emily Macheski-Preston was vacant. He didn’t say why, and he didn’t mention she was just reappointed to KLVB last June. He did reveal that “that individual that has requested to serve on that board” (which was the only identification mentioned in the previous morning’s Work Session) was Greg Powell of Langdale Industries, recommended by the KLVB Board. He said he works for Langdale Industries, and helped organize the South Georgia Classic Golf Tournament (which was just on the agenda for the Industrial Authority). He wants to use his free time to help out with the environment through KLVB.

      According to Business Week, a Gregory Powell is a trustee for South Georgia Medical Center. The Hospital’s own Trustee web page lists Crawford Powell instead, and pictures neither of them. Who knows?

      Commissioner Marshall moved and Commissioner Evans seconded before unanimous appointment of Greg Powell to KLVB.

  7. Public Hearings
    1. REZ-2014-08 Gramercy, 3921 and 3927 Old Pine Rd R-1 and R-A to R-10, Water and Sewer, 7.92 acres REZ-2014-08 Gramercy

      Video. No updates. No questions. No audience speakers. Unanimous approval.

    2. REZ-2014-09 Kinsey, 5724 Dawkins Rd E-A and R-1 to R-A, Well and Septic, 4.23 acres REZ-2014-09 Kinsey

      Video. They’re interested in “reconfiguring”. Nobody spoke for or against. Unanimous approval.

    3. REZ-2014-10 Bennett’s Tree Service Lot 22 Rezone 2811 US Hwy 41 S, R-21 to C-H, Well and Septic, 1.53 acres REZ-2014-10 Bennett's Tree Service

      Video. They want to turn two residential lots into one bigger commercial area. Nobody spoke for or against. Unanimous approval.

  8. For Consideration
    1. Request from LCSO-GOHS Grant #2015-GA-0071-00(1) LCSO - GOHS Grant #2015 - GA - 0071 - 00(1)

      Video. Details from the previous morning: Sheriff’s office would act as grant administator for a $200,000 grant through the governor’s office of highway safety, funded by the National Highway and Safety Administration, for addressing highway safety issues. Commissioner Demarcus Marshall that morning to know if this would cover some of the devices for new vehicles. Answer from County Manager: “I don’t think so.”

      No questions this time. Unanimous approval.

    2. 2014 Homeland Security Grant Application 2014 Homeland Security Grant Application

      Video. EMA Director Ashley Tye spoke this time, saying the grant application was to fund nine automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to install in nine high occupancy buildings such as courthouse and libraries.

      They still didn’t volunteer for how much. Yesterday we learned in answer to a question: $18,467. This time, no questions and unanimous approval.

    3. Change Order for Val Del Road Change order for Valdel Road

      Video. County Manager Joe Pritchard said the emergency cross drain repair cost $78,892.56, already spent. Unanimous approval.

    4. Intent to Appeal BOE Decision for PCA Account #528 Intent to Appeal BOE Decision for PCA Account #528

      Video. The Board of Equalization (BOE),

      appointed by the Grand Jury, is the body charged by law with hearing and adjudicating administrative appeals to property values and assessments made by the Board of Tax Assessors

      “Silas” (presumably Silas Hrobar, Chief Appraiser) said the BOE granted 15% or $3,446,431 depreciation on PCA’s spare parts. The Board of Assessors wants to appeal what the BOE did to Superior Court, saying the decision appeared arbitrary, being for new parts sitting on the shelf unused, and was not uniform.

      I hear the BOE decision would potentially cost the county a bunch of money beyond that $3 million because other companies would demand the same depreciation. There were several questions from Commissioner Demarcus Marshall, including whether all parties were aware that the Georgia Department of Revenue (DoR) concurs with the Assessors’ opinion. Answer: yes. Deadline for appeal is 30 days from March 11, so “this Thursday” April 10th.

      Commissioner Marshall moved, Commissioner Evans seconded; Commissioner Powell voted against, so the motion passed 2 to 1.

  9. Bids
    1. Tractor Purchase for Utility Department Tractor purchase for Utility Department

      Video. Utilities Director Mike Allen said there was older equipment that needed to be sold off with a buy-back option. Staff recommends the low bid of these two received:

      Bidder New PriceBuy-back PriceActual Cost
      Nashville Tractor $63,500$40,450=$23,050
      Atlantic and Southern Equipment $77,000$25,000=$52,000

      Unanimous approval of the low bid.

  10. Reports-County Manager Reports - Manager - update on rain


  11. Citizens Wishing to be Heard Please State Name And Address
  12. Keep Lowndes-Valdosta Beautiful presentation-Aaron Strickland

    That was in the previous morning’s Work Session.

Here’s a video playlist:

Change order, KLVB, and Pipeline
Regular Session, Lowndes County Commission (LCC),
Video by Gretchen Quarterman for Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange (LAKE),
Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia, 8 April 2014.