Watkins family on other cases

It’s not so much what you know as what you can prove, says a concerned father, and the mother wants better representation for others whose children like her daughter have gotten caught in a felony with little if any evidence at school.

Know Your Rights say the Watkins parents Mrs. Watkins said after her daughter was tackled at school be a deputy, she found “there are a lot of children in the judicial system that may not have good representation.” She and Mr. Watkins and George Boston Rhynes are starting an organization to at least show concern. George said in one visit to juvenile court he encountered two families with problems with probation and law enforcement knocking down doors and searching without search warrants.

Mr. Watkins wants to help people know their rights. Things we older folk may have done as children now there are laws against, and the children and their families need to know things like the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor, and the importance of writing things down. “Details is all that matters.” Later he noted that it’s not enough to go to church, but “there needs to be an application class” so people can get out and “take the next step” and put some paper behind it, such as “file a suit on a police officer”, which he said the Watkins have done.

Mrs. Watkins amplified that the more information you have, who, the time of day, etc., the more you can do. “You’re allowed to film; film if you need to, but please know your rights.”

Here’s the video, in which Mr. Watkins explains how to file a lawsuit against police.

Video by George Boston Rhynes for bostongbr on YouTube.

If enough people know their rights, maybe we can all stop the school to prison pipeline.